New Energies And The Compartmentalised Mind

6th December 2020
Energies for December 2020 & February 2021
Antemedi (Andromedan)
I have a message to share but it is not for your encouragement nor comfort. In duality fear and doubt in the mind often means you seek reassurance. That is to compensate or create a balance – it does not remove the fears. If I were to offer reassurance not only would I be assuming your need for it but paradoxically your mind could think in duality ‘why do I need to be uplifted perhaps there is a difficulty’
Instead let us reach up to something new. Together we can pull down an energetic blanket and wrap it around us so we are entwined. Feel the stillness of mind and our easy connection.
I have previously talked about the pliable mind and its ability to communicate with different dimensional aspects of itself and other souls. I will proceed to show information in visual constructs so it may be absorbed more easily. You should have an image of you and I within tangible energy. I did a similar thing when talking about talismans. These are special objects believed to be imbued with energy and are a way for the mind to engage in a tactile way. The Akashic records and hallways exist and they may accessed mentally as a form of visualisation. Without a destination to focus upon the mind might flounder. That mental image of the Akashic records is reached though energetic pathways that the mind can follow. As more people access that link more energy is left on the pathway making it easier for others to follow.
Lightworkers create their own links or follow mental pathways that have been energised and walked before. These are the links between different aspects of mind and other dimensions. There is change coming when preformed links won’t be needed by certain individuals. Their access to information will be available as a second nature. They will not even see it as access but a natural flow of information within the compartmentalised mind. That term refers an attribute allowing you to experience this life. Without it your current life would not be experienced nor give you what you need.
In the future these compartments will be more entwined. You will not be linking but knowing. Some will not notice this because they are accessing by ‘being at one with self’ as if it was always so. Others may notice the difference and will refer to it as an upgrade.
So, what does this really mean for you and when is all going to happen. Well that depends on your beliefs and what you are expecting to happen. Is it the big shift – no it is a precursor. For some of you some of these changes will begin to take place around the middle of December 2020. They will also rumble on after that with what I would call jumbling in February 2021. Imagine a child’s game – a board with holes smaller than the balls on the surface. This you may experience as a very difficult time trying to get the right balls in the right holes as they roll about randomly. Confusion will abound but remember it’s only an experience of struggling within a mixed-up feeling. You will get through this and finally the holes in the board will be filled to create an impermeable platform.
This is part of the work that you have agreed to undertake at this time. The world around you is a reflection for it is also very jumbled with opposing forces of higher and lower vibrations meeting each other toe to toe.
For some of you this may feel an exceptionally uncomfortable time. You may even wonder if it is ever going to end because of the way doubts and confusions assault you. This could be seen this as bad news if you use judgement. However, you can still your energy by knowing it’s an experience of transition and that you are helping out as an advance receptor.
Quite some time ago I talked about lightworkers and others transmuting energies. Not all had to be done perceptively and some would take place within their unconscious allowing light to flow through them anchoring it into mother earth. What you will be experiencing is similar to this but with a different set of vibrations. It will be with a purpose of aligning yourselves with some of the compartmentalised aspects of your consciousness. If I tell you exactly what to expect and when that will pre-form expectations and alter outcomes. One way to help this process is not to expect nor look for changes. You may have to work through some personal issues however, you will begin to notice things and think ‘how did I know that’? Then you may wish to smile seeing that integration is taking place. The process and outcomes will be different for you all because you are individuals with personal programming.
Do not look to see that you are improving your thoughts – You are not evolving – you are not enhancing yourselves. Try to understand that you cannot be better than yourself – you are of love and at your core that cannot be measured. In simplified terms you are reconnecting to aspects of your compartmentalised consciousness.
I thought of saying thank you for undertaking these tasks but I don’t need to do that. You will undoubtedly undertake these tasks with love. If you need to thank yourself for loving you then you need to reassess what deference and separation means between you and your higher vibrating mind. Separation and compartmentalisation being part of my communication today.
You are just Is because you are the Inness.