The boy the Beast and Nothingness

Andromedan spiritual perspective by Antemedi. For quite some time I have been talking much about nothing. The humour of that may not be understood until you realise I’ve been talking about the concept of  ‘Nothingness and Nothing’. Most every one understands ‘letting go’ in the context of personal enlightenment or spiritual growth. That exists hand in hand with duality so some feel they are letting go without realising they are still holding to certain ideals. It’s hard to let go of constructs that are felt to be constructive. Humanities idea of ‘letting go’ is based upon its existing restrictive database. So is that really letting go? Could you live with the idea of nothingness- no space and no constructs? Could you let go of the belief that you should or shouldn’t think? – So what is nothingness like?

One of the problems is that you are trying to conceive ‘nothing’ from the ‘construct of something’ and your judgments. Because the human life gives some extraordinary experiences and ways of thinking it becomes very valuable to you and thus hard to let go of.

‘Letting go’ to the point of holding nothing of value (including yourself) is not easy. Love does not have value – that is to place different values upon different types of love. Love exceeds a description by value – indeed any description. Nothing has value – that is measurement. ‘Letting go’ you may also think of as ‘acceptance’ but even acceptance does not exist in nothingness. There is literally NOTHING – you can’t conceive it because when you try you create something.

It can be likened to a barrier, which reflects your thoughts and feelings. However it can be exceeded in part and in whole. When you do so there is less and less data or nothing in the way and you can exceed these boundaries. What you then experience is the trans dimensional self. You will be omnipresent and in contact with your other selves having other experiences on finer vibrational dimensions. It will happen to your comfort and you will be aware of your greater expansiveness elsewhere. That may be a long way off for you and seeing nothingness through something is hard- so I have dictated a short story about this ‘human condition’ so that you may feel what I am saying even if you don’t fully understand it. I offer this to you with my sincerest and deepest considerations.