Symptoms of these times

8th May 2020

Several people have been commenting on the increase in symptoms associated with ascension. New energies that are processed through the individuals energetic fields often resulting in strange sensations, pains, lethargy etc. Here is Antemedi’s view “As well as energies to process that are being directed towards earth at present you are also working through existing energies. Many of these are being transmuted by actions and deeds. Others of you who have encountered these before are allowing your fields and aura intelligence (arkarna programs if you understand that term) to process and transmute the collective consciousness element of them through love itself. This is important at this stage and will continue – it’s another way to help with the clean up. This includes disease – the electromagnetic and vibratory elements that manifest physically in the body. The current viruses are included within that- that’s why some of the symptoms are similar. With some discernment you should be able to tell the difference in what you are processing- Love from Antemedi”