Ice cave

robert art work 20-01-15 005


(double click painting to enlarge)

The psyche of this woman is split into many facets a few reside in this cold but secure cave. Her aspects are clearly in angst and interact in such a way with each other that they maintain the status quo. Thoughts such as trying to solve feelings or giving up, showing emotions or hiding them, pretending it will all go away if she keeps still like a wounded animal. The thoughts are bound in fear, with each believing it is a separate entity and not part of the whole person.

The snow tiger and the bear represent mothers protecting their young as well as the woman and so she feels a degree of safety. However they use fear and aggression as a way of protecting fear, creating a seemingly unbreakable dilemma. In the distance a guide knows she is hiding and comes to help her resolve the situation and bring her out into the light.